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Om Swastiastu, Greetings from Putu Bali Tour Guide. My name is Putu Sudiarta but people call me just Putu. Many people name Putu because Putu is first name for the first children in Bali family.

And i look forward to welcoming you to my beautiful Island Bali.

Bali is blessed in many ways, it has everything here : Beautiful rice terrace, lake, mountain, temple, beach, traditional culture, and wonderful Balinese food.

So, Bali offer something special for everyone and it is truly the Island of the Gods.

I always make discussion with all of you on fare comparison depends on your need. Because i really want your vacation in Bali to be unforgettable.

Beautiful Bali Tips Before Travel Highly Recommended

This is the real **Beautiful Bali**

A look into the fun and exciting things to see and to do in Bali. If your a first timer to Bali Indonesia then this is really something you would enjoy to view before you head out on your discovery of what Bali has to offer. Than Alot.
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Things We Wish We Knew Before We Started Traveling


Top Ten Tips Before Traveling


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